Chole Mjini Lodge TANZANIA

#7 Chole Mjini Lodge: Tanzania Chole Mjini Lodge’s seven tree houses are located on Tanzania’s tropical Chole Island, just off the coast of Mafia Island. Open to the elements, your elevated room is set on ancient baobabs, allowing you an almost bird’s-eye view of mangroves and the the crystal blue ocean. As you sit on your king size bed, your face takes in the soft breeze from the coast as heat encompasses your body. And when you’re back on the ground, sand envelops your feet as the sandy paths lead through the vegetation. As you take in your surroundings, alight your taste buds with the flavorful spicing in your food thanks to a strong Swahili influence. Even as you drift off to sleep, listen to the tide trickling back through the mangrove roots and the murmuring ocean as the fireflies light the black sky.