Bassim Haïdar in association with LJ Africa Advisors and Lux Afrique curated a networking event for high net worth individuals who operate across the African continent and persons who have an interest in investing or doing business in Africa. The event took place over the Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend in Monaco, on a prestigious yacht called Bash owned by Nigerian Bassim Haïdar.
The event itself was a great success and was attended by some of Monaco’s most affluent individuals from African descent or individuals connected to Africa in business.
Ferretti Distributions Ltd sponsored drinks were served throughout the evening, as well as canapés and finger foods. The event was hosted by renowned global development consultant, philanthropist, and CEO of LJ Africa Advisors, Roberta Annan. Our guests had the opportunity to connect and mingle in a relaxed, comfortable environment where they could expand their network and create new uncharted valuable business opportunities.
Guests included leading industry executives and decision makers in Markets such as Telecoms, Investors, Venture Capitalists and Online Entrepreneurs. Lux Afrique would like to thank Bassim Haïdar, Roberta Annan and all that were involved in coordinated the night. We look forward to the next one.
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