African Entrepreneurs

Spark inspiration with Africa’s top 10 billionaires

9. Patrice Motsepe

The South African based Patrice Motsepe (59) earns the 9th spot on the list with a $3 billion net worth. The mining magnate, founder, and chairman of African Rainbow Minerals also holds the title of being the first black African to make a Forbes list when he claimed his billionaire status in 2008. With a passion to revolutionize the world’s view of Africa, he launched African Rainbow Capital in 2016, a new private equity firm focused on investing in the continent. Truly a self-made man Motsepe became the first black partner in the Bowman Gilfillan law firm in 1994. Whilst there, he also started a mining service contracting business leading him to purchase a few low-producing gold mine shafts in 1997 and miraculously turned them profitable, solidifying his path to being a mining magnate and philanthropist. He displayed his philanthropic predilections by being the first to sign Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffet’s Giving Pledge in which he promised to give at least half of his fortune to charity.

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